WooCommerce Installation for Clover

Take payments easily and quickly by following the easy steps below!

Step 1

Install and Configure WooCommerce

Step one, you must install and configure your WooCommerce on WordPress.

*Here are the minimum configurations you must have:
PHP 7.2
WordPress: 5.6
WooCommerce 3.0.4
SSL Certificate

Step 2

Download WeeConnectPay plugin on your website

Step two, Access on your WordPress website. Then click on Plugin, Add New and search for “WeeConnectPay” and install the plugin.

Step 3

Authenticate your website with WeeConnectPay

Third step, once the Weeconnectpay plugin is installed on your WordPress site, go to the WooCommerce payment settings. Next, click authenticate and enter your credentials to connect Clover to your website.

Step 4

Log in to Clover account and choose your plan

Step four, Log into your Clover account, choose your business and click connect. Next, you need to choose between the Basic or Standard plan.

Step 5

Take payments

Step five, you are ready to go!


Other features (Recommended)

Fraud analysis

Protect yourself from fraudulent orders

Go to WeeConnectPay settings and activate fraud analysis to obtain data on the potential of a fraudulent order.

Anti-Fraudulent Transaction

Stop malicious bot attacks

To better protect yourself against bot attacks on the web, go to the WeeConnectpay settings to activate Google reCAPTCHA and HoneyPot field.

*This feature is to counter card test attacks from malicious robots (programming).

Secure your account on Clover

Secure your account on Clover

We strongly suggest to adjust your security in your Clover dashboard based on your needs. Access by Account & Setup – Security in the Clover dashboard.

Easy and Fast Integration

Easily and quickly integrate your online store with WordPress to take payment with Clover.

Payment Gateway

Take payments quickly and securely with the WeeConnect plugin.

Smooth Checkout

With the payment integrated directly on your website, you will offer a smooth checkout experience to your customers.


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