WooCommerce Integration X Clover

WeeConnectPay integration with WooCommerce and Clover is secure, fast and reliable.

Onsite Payment Integration

Keep your customers secured by letting them pay directly on your website with our integrated solution with Clover’s solution. Our system provides a PCI DSS compliant solution to reduce the burden of PCI compliance for the merchant and ensure a safe and smooth checkout. Our gateway let you accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Google Pay and more.

WooCommerce Management

As it easy to manage your order in the WooCommerce dashboard, you will be able to review all orders, refund in full or partially. The Clover order ID will also be available in the WooCommerce dashboard to help you track the order information.

Clover Order Sync

To help manage online orders, WeeConnectPay integration will sync the order in the Clover dashboard as well by displaying the items, the client name, the client e-mail and the order ID linked in the WooCommerce dashboard.


Keep track of your customer purchases. Using the information provided during the checkout, WeeConnectPay will make sure every important detail will be sync in the Clover dashboard.

WooCommerce Plan - Clover Integration

Our Clover integration lets you accept credit card payments on your website, over the phone, or through online invoicing. Simplify PCI-DSS compliance and keep your customer’s data safe throughout the entire payment process with encryption and tokenization. Our e-commerce solution adheres to the latest security standards and regulations to keep your business safe and secure.

Basic Plan

*Starting with a 14 days trial
$0.00 per month | 1,00$/transaction

Standard Plan

*Starting with a 14 days trial
$29.99 per month | 0,10$/transaction

Easy to setup

We made it simple, with our Clover authenticator, connect with your Clover account easily from any integration we made.


Seamless Checkout – Integrating our payment gateway with your shopping cart ensures a smooth and fast checkout experience because your customers remain on your site for the entire process.


Order information will be synchronized in both Clover and WooCommerce to help you track your online sales.

Other features

Fraud analysis

Protect yourself from fraudulent orders

Go to WeeConnectPay settings and activate fraud analysis to obtain data on the potential of a fraudulent order.

Anti-Fraudulent Transaction

Stop malicious bot attacks

To better protect yourself against bot attacks on the web, go to the WeeConnectpay settings to activate Google reCAPTCHA and HoneyPot field.

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